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Patient Stories

Read about real patient experiences from The Chronic Pelvic Pain Center of Northern Virginia.

"Young, in pain, and no one believes me."

I am 18, and I was referred to Dr. Delgado by my primary care provider to help me with pelvic pain. I have had pelvic pain since starting my period at age 12.


I used to play multiple sports, and now I couldn't [because of the pain]. I had been looking for answers and searching for my symptoms online, and I began to think I may have endo. My pain had gotten progressively worse, but no one believed this might be endometriosis because I am too young, and my pain is "not that bad."

Dr. Delgado heard and listened to me from day one. She believed me when I told her about my pain, and she gave me a ton of options. I started with medication at first but ultimately opted for surgery because I wanted to go to college feeling normal. I got my surgery 2 months later, and I could not be happier. My summer was awesome, and I am playing sports again without pain. The surgery was so helpful in decreasing pain levels and my peace of mind.


The whole team has been incredible. They can help.

"Lifelong constipation"

I have suffered with lifelong issues of constipation, and often diarrhea. I have had some embarrassing moments in my life because of these issues. I remember that as a child, I had difficulty going to the bathroom.

After doing a simple stool test followed by supplements, dietary changes, and ozone therapy, I can say I have had more consistent bowel movements than prior to using ozone. It took about 15 ozone sessions—mostly weekly—and it was so worth it. I can feel free to travel and see my grandkids without fear of what GI symptoms I will have while away from home. I have not had constipation in months, and I am so happy.

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